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My personal file server on a Cubox from SolidRun using Arch Linux

Who does not dream from a fast electric saving home server. In this blog I'm going to describe, how to setup a headless file server using Arch Linux on the Cubox from SolidRun.

Javascript localization part 1

Since the first edition of ECMAScript (ECMA-402) Javascript supports the output of language sensitive representation of a Date or Number object which is often overseen by many developers.

GitHub Pages for a repository compiling using Travis CI

Here I describe how you could use Travis CI to generate e.g. a Sphinx documentation when you already have a GitHub token for Travsi CI and want to reuse it.

Joining a Active Directory on Linux - the easiest way!

This post shortly outlines how you could join a Active Directory under linux.

Ubuntu 12.04, PGSQL 9.3, PostGIS 2.1 and PL/R against libgdal1h from scratch

In this post I am going to describe how you could install PostgreSQL 9.3 and compile PostGIS 2.1 against libgdal1h on Ubuntu 12.04. It also describes how to install the latest R environment 3.0.2 and the PL/R extension for PostgreSQL.

Python 2.7.x and mod_wsgi on a CentOS 6

Read how to install Python 2.7.x on CentOS 6 and compile mod_wsgi against Python 2.7.x.

Setting up a QGIS server and PostGIS on CentOS 6

This post describes how to setup a QGSI server and PostGIS on CentOS 6.

Mac OS X file server migration

How could you migrate a OS X file server from open directory to Microsoft's active directory using rsync and other bash commands.

Creating your own blog using github pages, jekyll and travis

Github overs gh-pages to create a own site for personal or project usage. Together with jekyll you are able to create your own blog and using Travis CI enables automatic building of your blog.